Specified Commercial Transactions Law Notation

Distributor Tokyo Mamma Mamma Sweet potato Co., Ltd.
location 1-35-5 Nakanokamicho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
TEL: 042-628-1020
FAX: 042-625-4787
Commodity price Listed products include tax
Necessary charges other than the product price ● Cash on delivery / Cash on delivery fee + shipping fee ● Bank transfer / transfer fee + shipping fee
How to order Phone order, online shopping, fax order
Payment method Cash on delivery, bank transfer, credit card payment
Application expiration date [Order by online shopping]
● Cash on delivery About 3 to 7 days depending on the area from the date of order (excluding remote islands and some areas)
● Bank transfer invoice arrival (around 5 days from the date of order) → Payment After confirming our shop [Order by phone]
● Cash on delivery About 3 to 7 days depending on the area from the date of order (excluding remote islands and some areas)
● Bank transfer payment About 3 to 7 days depending on the area after confirming our shop (excluding remote islands and some areas)
About returns We accept returns only for defective products and incorrect products (shipping costs are borne by us). Please forgive returns and refunds due to customer's convenience.
Return deadline

Please contact us within 7 days after the item arrives.

Terms of service

This description describes the use of online shopping users (hereinafter "users") regarding the online shopping service (hereinafter "this website") provided by Tokyo Mamma Mamma Sweet potato "Takao Potato" (hereinafter "our company"). It defines the conditions.

  • Article 1 (Definition of this agreement)

    The terms used in this agreement have the following meanings.

    1. "Takao Potato" is a system that has the functions of providing products or services, posting information, and providing products or services through online shopping, and means a site operated by our company on the Internet based on this agreement.
    2. "User" means a person who accesses "Takao Potato".
    3. "This website" means the service that we provide to those who use "Takao potato" based on this agreement, and the content of the service etc. can be changed at our own discretion. Notification shall be made from time to time via posting on "Takao Potato" or by e-mail or other means of communication.
  • Article 2 (Use and change of this service)
    1. This agreement shall be applied to our company and users regarding the use of this website, and the user shall comply with this agreement in good faith when using this website.
    2. The individual provisions that we separately provide by posting on "Takao Potato" or by other methods and the additional provisions that we notify the user from time to time form part of this agreement. If the individual provisions and additional provisions differ from this agreement, the individual provisions and additional provisions shall prevail.
    3. We may change this agreement at our own discretion without the consent of the user. In this case, the terms of use of the service provided by "Takao Potato" shall be based on the changed terms of use. The change shall take effect from the time of notification by e-mail to the address notified to us in advance, posting on "Takao Potato", or any other method that we deem appropriate.
    4. We shall not be liable for any disadvantage or damage caused to the user due to the change of this agreement.
  • Article 3 (User status and prohibited restrictions)
    1. User status In "Takao Potato", the user agrees to this agreement at the time of enjoying any of the provided websites (the enjoyment here includes viewing of information). It is considered, and at the same time, it shall gain the status as a user in "Takao Potato".
    2. Prohibitions and restrictions for users

      The user shall not perform any of the following acts.

      (1) The act of using "Takao potato" by a method other than the method specified by "Takao potato".
      (2) The act of using this website by impersonating another person.
      (3) Unauthorized access to data stored on a computer that uses "Takao Potato" or acts that may destroy or destroy harmful computer programs.
      (4) The act of designating a link to data related to this website to other data, etc. by a method other than that approved by "Takao Potato".
      (5) Acts that interfere with the operation of our website, etc., or damage our trust.
      (6) Business activities using this website, use for profit, and use for the purpose of preparation. However, this does not apply if our company approves it separately.
      (7) Collecting or accumulating personal information of other users or attempting to perform these acts.
      (8) Acts that violate public order and morals and other acts that violate domestic and foreign laws and regulations.
  • Article 4 (Interruption and suspension of this website)
    1. In the case of any of the following reasons, we may suspend or suspend part or all of this website at our own discretion without notifying the user in advance.
      (1) When the equipment and system for this website are maintained, inspected, and updated regularly or urgently.
      (2) When it is difficult to provide this website due to force majeure such as natural disasters, fires, and power outages.
      (3) When the duties of a first-class telecommunications carrier are not provided.
      (4) In addition, when we judge that it is necessary to suspend or stop this website due to operational or technical reasons, or when we judge that it is difficult to provide this website due to unforeseen circumstances.
    2. The Company shall not be liable for any disadvantage or damage suffered by the user or a third party due to the temporary suspension or suspension of the provision of this website, regardless of the reason.
  • Article 5 (Handling of links)

    If a link to another site or a link to another site is provided by a third party from among the various services provided by "Takao Potato", we will not be responsible for the other sites linked to. I will not bear it.
    In this case, we will not be liable for any content, advertisements, products, services, etc. that are included in the site and are available on the site.

    We are not liable for any damages caused by or related to those contents, advertisements, products, services, etc. Websites other than this website (hereinafter referred to as "link sites") that link to this website or from this website are managed under the responsibility of the operator of each linked site. When you use these linked sites, please follow the terms and conditions of each linked site. In addition, "Takao Potato" is not responsible for the contents of the linked sites and any damages caused by their use.

  • Article 6 (copyright)
    1. The user does not obtain the prior consent of us or the provider of the information to us, and any information provided through "Takao Potato" in any way is private to the user as stipulated by the Copyright Law. It may not be used for reproduction, sale, publication, or other purposes beyond the scope of use.
    2. The user may, in any way, have a third party use any information provided through "Takao Potato" without obtaining the prior consent of us or the provider of the information to us. It cannot be made public.
    3. If a problem occurs in violation of the terms of this article, the user shall resolve the problem at his / her own risk and expense, and shall not cause any inconvenience or damage to us.
  • Article 7 (Liability)
    1. Regarding the provision, delay, change, interruption, cancellation, suspension or abolition of this website, leakage or burning of the provided information, or other damages to users or third parties that occur in connection with this website. , We do not take any responsibility.
    2. If the user causes damage to a third party by using this website, the user shall resolve it at his / her own risk and expense and shall not cause any damage to us. If a user causes damage to us due to an act contrary to this agreement, or an illegal or illegal act, we shall be able to claim appropriate damages from the user.
  • Article 8 (Privacy Policy)

    At Tokyo Mamma Mamma Sweet potato Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company"), the protection of personally identifiable information (= personal information) is extremely important, with the trust and social responsibility of customers as the first basis. I think it's my responsibility. Therefore, based on related laws and regulations such as the "Personal Information Protection Law", we will protect your personal information as follows.

    1. Collection of personal information We will use and manage the personal information of our customers that we have learned on this website within the scope of the following purposes.
      Providing our product information through e-mail newsletters and direct mail.
      For surveys and analysis such as questionnaires for product and store planning.
      For answering and responding to inquiries and complaints.
      Shipping of goods. Or the contact required at the time of shipping.
      In addition, when necessary for using the service on this website.
    2. Protection and management of personal information We will properly protect and manage the personal information we receive from our customers so that it will not be leaked or lost.
      In addition, in order to provide the services you have used, we may outsource the operation of this website. We will give sufficient instructions and supervision to the outsourcee so that the personal information of our customers will be properly protected and managed.
    3. Notification of purpose of use, disclosure, correction or suspension of customer's personal information Only the person himself / herself can request notification of purpose of use, disclosure / correction or suspension of use of customer's personal information. If you would like to disclose, correct, change or suspend the information you have already registered, please contact us.
    4. Security In order to ensure the safety of your personal information, we will implement safety measures to prevent accidents due to unauthorized access to your personal information.
    5. Changes and suspensions of this policy The contents of this privacy policy will be reviewed and audited on a regular basis to make continuous improvements. Therefore, it is subject to change without prior notice.
  • Article 9 (Governing Law)

    Japanese law shall apply to the establishment, effect, performance and interpretation of this agreement.

  • Article 10 (Agreement jurisdiction)

    If a dispute arises regarding this agreement, the district court that has jurisdiction over the location of our head office shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdiction court of the first instance.